Coniston Medical Practice

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Update on services

Looking after our patients is our top priority at Coniston Medical Practice.

We are extremely busy at the moment but we are fully committed to delivering high quality healthcare services for all of our patients.

We are offering both online and face to face appointments and have a triage system in place to ensure patients are seen by the right healthcare clinician. This means that sometimes due to the high volume of enquiries we may need to turn off askmyGP on the grounds of clinical safety, but patients can still call our reception team directly. Our team will then triage your request and patients with the greatest healthcare need are seen as quickly as possible.  You may have to wait to be contacted or you may be asked to call back the following day.

We are working to increase our capacity to allow us to keep askmyGP open throughout the day but in the meantime our reception team will always be happy to take your call. We have also recently recruited new reception team members to help with the increase in calls.

Unfortunately at the moment we are still unable to open our waiting room as while Covid guidance has relaxed nationally, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) guidance remains in place across all health settings. We will still need to operate a 2 metre distance and face masks must be worn at face to face appointments. Our staff will still all wear PPE.

Demand across all GP practices in our area remains exceptionally high and we are all working hard to maintain usual business while rolling out the local vaccination programme. We want to ensure everyone can access the same standard of high-quality primary care wherever they live, and we will continue to work closely with our partners and population to achieve this.


If you have any further feedback please contact us directly via