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Pharmacists in General Practice


Coniston Medical Practice is supporting a new training pathway for pharmacists in general practice

A recent survey found that almost a third of GPs already employ a pharmacist in their practice # and a further 16% are considering this move.1 Coniston Medical Practice is part of the national NHS pilot to include a clinical pharmacist in our GP practice. The pharmacist will offer patient appointments for long-term conditions such as diabetes or asthma, medicines reviews and other medicines-related support, including discussing side effects. The pharmacist can also help patients with their medicines following a stay in hospital. Having a pharmacist working at our surgery will increase the available appointments, ease the workload of GPs and provide valuable medicines support.

Health Education England (HEE), through the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) have rolled out a national learning pathway that will support pharmacists with knowledge, skills and experiences to allow them to work in a general practice role, and here at Coniston Medical Practice we are happy to announce that we have a clinical pharmacist appointed to our practice team, offering patient appointments and engaged with this innovative education programme.

This learning pathway ensures a multidisciplinary approach and will ensure that pharmacists will be fully equipped in their key primary care team roles. The pathway consists of an 18-month programme of study that includes residential courses, local study groups, study days and personalised support from the CPPE education team.

For more information see the dedicated General practice pharmacist training pathway pages on the CPPE website.

‘We are delighted to be supporting pharmacists to make a difference to patient experience of primary care healthcare. The robust and high quality training programme will impact a large cohort of pharmacists to play their part in the general practice team.’

Ceinwen Mannall, National lead, General practice pharmacist training pathway

 ‘Pharmacists remain one of the most under-utilised professional resources …and we must bring their considerable skills in to play more fully.’2

Dr Arvind Madan, GP, Director of primary Care, NHS England

 About CPPE

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) is funded by Health Education England to provide CPD opportunities to all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians providing NHS services in England. We generate income from the sale of our programmes to a wider healthcare professional audience both in the UK and internationally. All income received is reinvested into further development of learning programmes.

 About our practice

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